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How to Avoid the Most Common Chimney Issues

When to call a Chimney Repair Professional

No doubt, your fireplace is an investment that is definitely worth the money. It offers the warmth and comfort you need on a cold winter day. However, such a great home addition comes with regular maintenance, of course. Fireplaces can be very dangerous as they are connected to a chimney system responsible for taking away the smoke, hazardous fumes, and soot. If your chimney is dirty, a fire could occur. Here are some tips for best upkeep provided by a chimney repair contractor:

  • Do not ignore the importance of annual professional inspections. While a fireplace problem can be easily seen and repaired, chimney cracks and breakdowns should be detected and fixed only by experienced chimney repair specialists. You should hire them at least once a year even if you don’t notice any visual problems. This way, you can be sure that your chimney is working properly and will keep your home safe from hazards.

  • Do not use your fireplace as a trash bin. You will be surprised to know how many homeowners make that mistake. They throw all kinds of junk material into it which can be dangerous for the chimney as well. You should always follow strictly the instructions given by the manufacturers about its appropriate use. There are different types of fireplaces but they all use logs or wooden pallets. Do not burn anything else other than what’s recommended by the manufacturers.

  • Do not use it for cooking. Your expensive home addition is made only for heating and never for cooking. Even though, as a cook, you might be tempted to prepare a delicious meal over the burning logs but such a decision could be a huge mistake. That’s because the grease from your pan can go into the flames and could lead to a chimney fire. So, a professional chimney repair expert advises you never to use your firebox for cooking.

  • Do not put too many logs into your system. Doing so, your fireplace will burn at a higher temperature posing the risk of a fire catching light higher up in the stack, not to mention the awful burning you could get, with too many logs at once, you risk stifling the fire, this means that there is not enough oxygen allowing the fire to burn at a steady rate. You are better off burning fewer and smaller logs.

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