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4 Main Causes a Chimney Damage That May Need Chimney Repair Experts

What Increases the Risk of Fire at Home

Before we get to chimney repair, let’s discuss why chimneys in the first place are installed. It’s used to channel smoke away from your home and prevents fire hazards. That is why it has to be cared for and maintained properly. However, there are things that could actually damage your chimney which can put everyone and everything in your home at risk for fire. To get you started, here are some causes of damage to chimneys that may need an expert:

Intermittent Use

This is one of the most common causes of damage to chimneys, especially when you start using it less and less often. Naturally, that kind of damage is more likely to happen to chimneys that are unused for years. The key is to have the chimney inspected and cleaned by professionals regularly.

Inconsistent Cleaning

You might be thinking that maintaining the chimney is a quick task, but it is actually a time-consuming job. You must stop using your fireplace if the smoke and creosote are not completely removed. Also, you must wait for 24 hours after the chimney has been cleaned before you light up your fire. Consistent cleaning is also important to prevent chimney damage, so be sure to schedule a professional chimney cleaning service.


The likes of fallen branches and twigs can damage your chimney. So if you notice them, make sure to hire chimney repair services to fix the problem before it gets worse. Aside from these falling objects, chimney fires can also easily occur. No wonder your chimney is more prone to get damaged by chimney sweep services.

Freezing and Thawing

When it’s freezing or extremely cold, water in the chimney causes damage to the masonry faster. If there is smoke traveling through the chimney, it can cool the surrounding air, causing a massive pressure difference. When this difference is huge enough, it can lead to chimney cracks and damage. Water can also freeze, which damages the mortar and bricks. So, keep the chimney clean and dry when the weather is cold.

If these issues don’t give you any clue that you need to book a chimney sweep service, then there is a chance of serious damage to your chimney. Don’t ignore the problem, especially if you have pets and children in your home. There are many reputable companies in Shreveport, LA that offer chimney repair services. To make the process go smoothly, you can hire Above and Beyond Chimney Services LLC for the job. Call me at (318) 453-4793 anytime.

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