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4 Steps of Chimney Cleaning

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Chimneys, as you can see, can be used for both indoor and outdoor fires. People should clean their chimneys on a regular and thorough basis to avoid any damage or accidents. However, there are numerous methods for cleaning your chimney; which is the best or safest? If you are unsure, you can seek the assistance of a professional chimney sweeper who specializes in chimney cleaning. Here are the basic steps to clean your chimney:

Prepare the Area

Make sure you’re prepared to clean your chimney. So you’d be able to move around more easily, especially if you’re wearing heavy and long clothing. Prepare the necessary materials, such as a sturdy ladder and an old rag, for cleaning the flue collar. You must also wear protective equipment while you are cleaning. This is to avoid being stained with cleaning solutions and many more. Position the extension ladder against the house to gain access to the roof. Take your chimney cleaning equipment to the roof. You should also bring your cordless drill and a dust mask.

Remove the Caps and Prepare the Brush

To gain access to the flue, remove the chimney caps by tightening the screws with your cordless drill. Place the caps far enough away from you to avoid tripping over them or accidentally kicking them off the roof. Then connect the first extension rod to the chimney sweeping brush.

Scrub the Chimney

Scrub the chimney with only one rod on the brush at a time, beginning at the top and working your way down. Scrub until the first rod is finished. Screw your next rod onto the back of the first rod. Scrub downwards, adding more rods as needed, until you can’t go any further. Remove the brush in a single motion. Use this time to lightly scrub up and down while pulling the rod assembly upward.

Check for Missed Parts

Before replacing the chimney cap, inspect the chimney for any spots you may have missed. Brush until you can’t see anything. Clean everything, gather your tools, exit the roof and remove the ladder. You’re done!

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