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Are You Getting Too Much Smoke When You Light Your Fire?

What to Do When Hiring a Chimney Sweep

Before you hire any chimney sweep, you should first ask to see their credentials or level of training. Chimney cleaning services are sometimes members of national trade associations that have strict guidelines regarding services and training. Independent sweeps could also obtain certification from reputable fire safety training places.

Sadly, like most industries, the ever increasing demand for chimney cleaning, has created various fly-by-night charlatans. Any fully qualified chimney sweep will do more than put a brush through a chimney. Referrals from neighbours that also have wood-burning stoves will be a better way to find a reputable service.

Another factor will be availability. Like every other business, this one has their own busy season and many people try to hire one in either the fall or winter months, in order to be better prepared for the oncoming cold season. Which is why it is advisable to make an appointment in the late spring or even summer months. Some homes which rely heavily upon their wood burning stoves could require as many as 4 cleanings throughout the year. So, you will need to ask about availability, some services are fully booked for months in advance.

Should you be on a strict budget, try to find a sweep that only does cleaning and inspections only. Sweeps that are employed by bigger maintenance services could suddenly uncover problems when cleaning your chimney, which could be a problem monetary wise. Any reputable sweep will have inspection equipment and cleaning tools; however, they should never use an appointment to sell upgrades and unnecessary repairs. However, It’s not uncommon for a chimney cleaner to show the homeowner potential hazards during their inspection, but it will be down to the homeowner who to use to perform the repairs.

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