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Fireplace Issues to Watch Out For

You May Need a Fireplace Cleaning


Your fireplace is for sure the part of your home you only use for just a certain period in the year. You should, however, make sure it’s in tip-top shape at all times to maintain its use for the colder days. You absolutely can’t do that if yours is looking filthy and dilapidated, however, so make sure to employ a reliable fireplace cleaning service if you’re in need of cleaning. One will be able to get rid of these problems from your fireplace:


Smoke Stains

Smoke stains are definitely a minor thing you can get rid of with some dusting or wiping. If you’ve noticed too many of these stains around your home, however, that could mean you’re facing a chimney draft problem. Make sure you have a reliable fireplace cleaner treat them as needed.



Creosote is also known as the dirt that builds up within your chimneys. This type of grime emerges because of inefficient cleaning, as well as ventilation issues. Make sure you’ve hired a service that’s equipped with the right tools for an effective job.



Natural dilapidation in your fireplace masonry is surely a common thing. Wear and tear can cracks and various other types of issues, so make sure to keep it clean to avoid these.



As you burn wood in your property, you’ll definitely create ash and cause it to scatter around. These can be risky for those members of your family who are asthmatic or allergic to dust, so be sure to have a service clean up areas covered in such soot.


If any of these issues are present in your fireplace and surrounding areas, be sure to call in a capable fireplace cleaning contractor for excellent cleaning results. If you live in Shreveport, LA, we at Above and Beyond Chimney Services LLC are the service you should trust. Call us now at (318) 453-4793 for inquiries.

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