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Is Your Fire Starting to Lose Its Potency?

Things to Consider When Hiring a Professional Chimney Sweep Service

When home heating prices started to steadily rise in the 1970s and 1980s, most homeowners turned back to the old fashion method of heating, a wood burning fire. Along with this interest in firewood started a craze in the wood-burning stove industry. While homeowners enjoy a decreased dependency on gas and electricity, having a wood-burning stove does come with its own set of issues. Over a period of time, the accumulation of creosote, soot, and by-products caused a fire hazard, which was only reduced by the use of a professional chimney sweep service. This started a new cottage industry of chimney cleaning firms, not to mention safety inspectors.

Before calling in a professional chimney cleaning contractor to clean your fireplace flue and chimney, ask yourself some questions first. Such as, can you do the same jobs yourself without hiring a professional? A chimney sweep service won’t clean out your ashes, or the visible parts of your stove and fireplace. Those jobs are extremely messy and time-consuming, however, diligent homeowners can do just as good as a professional armed with the right equipment. Should your needs be mostly cosmetic, you shouldn’t have to call in a professional chimney cleaning contractor.

Should you have been using your stove for several months, using firewood such as pine, you’ll have to call a professional to remove any build-up of a substance known as creosote. This is released when firewood burns, and clings to the interior walls of a flue or chimney. Unlike soot, this substance cannot be removed using a wire brush. Should the accumulated creosote get hot enough, the result is a fire in the chimney. Should you regularly use oily firewood, call a professional chimney sweep service. They could use chemicals, plus brushes to break the hardened creosote up.

Always ask to see the company’s credentials, or their staffs level of experience. Chimney cleaning services sometimes are part of national trade associations, that have strict guidelines on the training and services.

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