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Why Relining Your Chimney Is Necessary?

Importance of Chimney Relining


One of the most crucial yet least noticed part of your entire chimney system is the liner. This flue lining holds the combustion products and regulates the thermal heat into your house. It also protects the chimney walls from the extreme heat and corrosion. Hence, you must make sure that it’s always in tip-top condition to ensure the efficiency and safety of everyone. While most of these flue linings are built to last for years to come, minimal damage from time to time can turn into a major headache. Chimney relining, for one, is the best way how to make your chimney fully functional.


Here are some reasons why chimney relining is important:



It protects your entire home from burning down to the ground

As stated above, the flue lining in the chimney holds the combustion materials. When the chimney is unaligned, the heat can move seamlessly and quickly through the chimney. When this happens any wooden surface or structure that can come contact can ignite and cause an accidental fire. The adjacent wooden components in the fireplace or chimney may start to burn, too! If you suspect that your chimney isn’t aligned, call a professional for an inspection. Nevermind the expense, as long as you, your family, and your entire property won’t turn into ashes.


It equips your fireplace with right flue for your heating needs

There are a lot of fireplaces, especially to those that underwent renovations and remodeling, have different fireplace box and flue. Chimney relining can provide the efficiency that you need. It also prevents the buildup of flammable materials and compound.


It protects your chimney wall, brick, and mortar from damage.

An unaligned chimney can reach the chimney walls. When this happens harmful and corrosive chemicals can weaken the foundation of the wall. It can eat away the mortar that keeps the stones intact. It also releases harmful carbon gas into the atmosphere, triggering respiratory illness and causing lung poisoning.

The chimney is built for comfort and convenience. If you need a professional chimney relining company, Above and Beyond Chimney Services LLC in Shreveport, LA will give you the satisfaction and peace of mind that you need. Call (318) 453-4793 to schedule an appointment before winter arrives!


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